Tuesday, August 3, 2021


CHAMPION'S QUEST: THE DIE OF DESTINY by Frank L Cole. This is a series that I want the rest of it up front so I don't have to keep waiting for the next installment. It was such a fantastic adventure. I have never been a fan of role playing games, so to have an entire book based around that concept had me rolling my eyes. I take back the eye roll and than some. Lucas and his team had some big defining moments. To see them figure the game out as they went as well as work together as a team was so much fun to take part in. I can't wait for the next one and can't recommend this enough for anyone who loves a great adventure.

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Lucas Silver's life is about to change. He thinks it's because he's made plans to escape from his foster home and make his way to New York, but then he and some unlikely friends find Hob and Bogie's Curiosity Shoppe and agree to play a game of Champion's Quest.

When the four kids walk out the front door of the Curiosity Shoppe, they immediately discover they're no longer in West Virginia, but transported into the game and a wild fantasy world of dangerous goblins, brutish ogres, and a powerful witch. They must work together as a team, overcome their real-world weaknesses, and believe in themselves and each other if they are to outwit, outplay, and survive their foes in this ultimate quest to defeat a treacherous monster.

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