Tuesday, April 6, 2021


THE WORLD CAN WAIT FOR MOMS by Julianne Heywood. This cute picture book was a breathe of fresh air. It highlights the joys of being a mother, even when the world sends the message that your talents should be used otherwise. It also reminds children that moms can choose to do other things, but they are choosing to spend time where they want to. It is a book everyone should take a look at to remind them of what their own mothers did for them or what moms are choosing to do now.

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Time will come and go the years will fly away, but I'm so glad to be here while we enjoy today! Moms don't get awards or paychecks for being a mom. They get something even better - time with their children. This sweet book depicts how mothers use all their wonderful talents right at home with their own beloved children as they fulfill the vital work of motherhood.

Shared from the perspective of a mother's heart, a child will feel their unique and irreplaceable place in her world as they see and read about how she enjoys spending time with them.

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